Cheap price KW280 Portable deep water well drill rig with air compressor for sale

Product Details

Cheap price KW280 Portable deep water well drill rig with air compressor for sale

KW280 used water well drilling machine for deep wells is mainly used for drilling water wells ,ground source heat pump wells and other uses of the borehole. The rig can drill work on different Geological formations, drilling hole diameter is larger, the max. hole depth of up to 280meters. Unique deep hole axial compression adjustable system to Adjust impetus, deep hole drilling reduces the rotation resistance. Have two-stage telescopic /shrink carriage, use 6 m drill pipe, reducing the times of change drill pipe.


Drilling depth
Advance Length one time
Working pressure
Air consumption
Length of rod
Dia. Of rod
φ76, φ89,φ102
Lifting power
Rotation torque
Rotation Speed
Diesel Engine
Engine Power
Travelling speed
0-2.5 Km/h
Climb capacity
Complicated geological conditions:Rock,Mud,Sand etc.
Drilling Way
Top drive hydraulic rotary and propulsion,Dth Drilling or Mud Pump Driling
Dth Hammer
4",5",6",8" Drill hammer or CIR110,
Recommended Air Compressor


Drilling Accessories

The  Features of KW280 used water well drilling machine for deep wells


Hydraulic operate crawler chassis water well drilling rig and geothermal drilling rig
1. Four hydraulic support leg
2. Hook system for lift rod, hammer and casing
3. Hydraulic wrench system for add and remove the drilling rod
4. Long feed stroke, with hydraulic cylinder
5. Famous diesel engine
6. Mud pump mounted
7. We can also remove the track chassis and mounted on 4*4 trucks
More Types Well rig for your choose
Company Information

Kaishan group is a professional compressor enterprise with over 60 years of history. It is at present the largest air compressor manufacturer in China, as well as the nation’s largest screw air compressor manufacturer in terms of production and sale. In 2017 the company’s sales revenue was close to RMB 2.2 billion. Indeed the scale of its production and sales are significantly higher than all other competitors in China, including multinational companies.


In 2009 Kaishan established in Seattle in the United States, “Kaishan North American Research Center”. Pursuant to the model of “Developed in America, Made in China”, Kaishan has developed a large number of high-tech products for which it has proprietary intellectual property. Espousing a core value of “making contribution towards prudent use of Earth’s resources”, Kaishan has in short order catapulted itself onto the world stage, becoming a leading compressor manufacturer.


With over 2,000 sales outlets Kaishan’s sales network covers all of China, offering quality sales service to customers. Its products are also sold in more than 60 countries and regions worldwide, including the United States, Germany, Japan, Korea and Russia.

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