KW450 450meters water drill rig for mine. Drilling machine for water KW450 KAISHAN Brand

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KW400 trailer mounted water well drilling rig
KW400 model Multi-Function Geothermal Water Well Drill Rig is mainly used for drilling water wells ,ground source heat pump wells and other uses of the borehole. The rig can drill work on different Geological formations, drilling hole diameter is larger, the max. hole depth of up to 280meters. Unique deep hole axial compression adjustable system to Adjust impetus, deep hole drilling reduces the rotation resistance. Have two-stage telescopic /shrink carriage, use 6 m drill pipe, reducing the times of change drill pipe.
Hydraulic operate crawler chassis water well drilling rig and geothermal drilling rig
1. Four hydraulic support leg
2. Hook system for lift rod, hammer and casing
3. Hydraulic wrench system for add and remove the drilling rod
4. Long feed stroke, with hydraulic cylinder
5. Famous diesel engine
6. Mud pump mounted
7. We can also remove the track chassis and mounted on 4*4 trucks
KW400 trailer mounted water well drilling rig
The weight
Drilling diameter
Drilling depth
One-time advance length
Walking speed
Climbing angles
Equipped capacitor
Using air pressure
Air consumption
Drill pipe diameter
Φ89 mm φ102mm φ108
Drill pipe length
1.5m 2.0m 3.0m 6.0m
Rig lifting force
Swing speed
45-115 rpm
Swing torque
Successful Project
Project in Thailand
Project in India
Project in Russia
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.is specialized in this filed for over 25 years with high quality and competitive price. The main products we supply are drilling rigs, air compressors and rock drill tools and so on.
North America,Eastern Europe,Central America,Eastern Asia,South America,Africa,Southeast Asia,Mid East основная продукция Machinery,Air compressor,Water well drilling rigs,Drilling rigs,Rock drill.
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Q1: Are you a manufacturer? A: Yes, we are a professional down the hole drill rig and top hammer drill rig manufacturer. Q2: What
does your company produce? A: The main products of our company include blasting drilling rig,water well drilling rig and all kinds
of air compressors. Q3: How about your delivery time? A: Normally the delivery time is about 7-15 days. For some special case, we
can make it within 2 weeks, it depends on different products. Q4: What methods of payment do you accept? A: We accept T/T, L/C.
Q5: Do you offer any deals or discounts? A: Yes, price depends on different quantity, different quantity will give you different
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