KW180R machines for water well drilling/water well drilling and rig machine

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KW180R machines for water well drilling/water well drilling and rig machine
Brief Introduction of KW180R machines for water well drilling/water well drilling and rig machine

water well drill rig the drilling diameter is 140-254mm and the drilling depth can reach to 180 meters, which can meet most of the
farming or construction water well requirement, besides, the KW180R have features of small size, light weight, flexible movement,
convenient transportation, etc.
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Features of KW180R machines for water well drilling/water well drilling and rig machine

1.Equipped with 55KW Yuchai brand turbocharged engine, strong power;
2. Patented design composite boom, double cylinder lift, long stroke, large tonnage
3. The main boom of each rig is equipped with a stopper to protect the cylinder;

4.Drilling machine chassis: professional excavator chassis ,durable,heavy bearing capacity,wide chain plate, less damage to hard
5.Parallel gearbox design, separate oil pump, sufficient power supply, reasonable distribution, unique design of hydraulic system,
simple maintenance and low cost
6. The travel motor is equipped with reducer, durable and long service life;

7.Fast distribution valve: the speed of three gears up to 150-160 rpm, basically achieve the dual-use function of water and air
8. Each hydraulic hose is covered with soft management set to make the hose last longer.
9. The rig power is driven by the diesel engine, and the rig's walking, turning, propulsion, lifting, outriggers, and unloading
rods are all controlled by hydraulic pressure.

10.The rig's walking is a crawler-type self-structure, which is easy to move. Its rubber crawler-type chassis makes it easy to
walk in the city and the courtyard, and it is not easy to damage the ground.
11.High and Strong hydraulic legs allow quick and stable adjustment of the rig's body level for easy loading and unloading and
shifting positions.
12.Dedicated wellhead setting provide a the certain center for drilling to ensure the vertical opening and positioning accuracy
13.Mechanical positioning of the carriage and frame improves the stability of the carriage
14.The pneumatic system has a custom oil injector that lubricates the impactor, effectively increasing the life of the impactor.

Drilling depth
Advance Length one time
Working pressure
Air consumption
Length of rod
Dia. Of rod
Lifting power
Rotation torque
Rotation Speed
Diesel Engine
Engine Power
Travelling speed
0-2.5 Km/h
Climb capacity
Complicated geological conditions:Rock,Mud,Sand etc.
Drilling Way
Top drive hydraulic rotary and propulsion,Dth Drilling or Mud Pump Driling
Dth Hammer
4",5",6",8",10" Drill hammer or CIR110, 130, 150,170
Recommended Air Compressor
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