Kaishan Underground Tunnel Jumbo KJ311 Drilling Rig

Diesel engine: DEUTZ BF4L2011 57.6KW,2600rpm
Motor: 45kW 55kW 75kW
Hole diameter: Φ32-76mm Φ42-102mm
KJ311 hydraulic tunneling drilling rig is suitably qualified for the drilling of hard rock mine whose section falls in the range of 12-35 square meters.

KJ311 hydraulic tunneling drilling rig is suitably qualified for the drilling of hard rock mine whose section falls in the range of 12-35 square meters.

● The firm flexible boom is capable of optical coverage of the section; 360° rotation and self-leveling beam make drill positioning easy; It can also be used for the drilling of lateral cross-cut and rock bolt;

● The drill rig provides a good view for the operator; balanced layout and the articulated chassis of four-wheel drive ensure the flexible, fast and safe driving in the narrow tunnel;

● The stepped piston is used for the high-frequency impacting rock drill and this can improve the transmission efficiency of impact wave and drilling speed and reduce the consumption of drilling tools and make it in good condition;

● Considerable space and automatic functions enable the driver to concentrate on drilling in a safe, fast and accurate manner;

● All the relevant parts are kept in good protection, meanwhile maintenance easily.

   技术参数/ Technical Parameters                                                                                                                                                              
外形尺寸与重量/ Dimensions and weight 风水路系统/ Air & water system
长度/ Length 11300mm  空压机/Air compressor 1*JN5 润滑耗油量
Oil Consumption of lubrication
宽度/ Width 1750mm 排量/Capacity of air compressor 0.5m³/min
高度/ Height 2000/3000mm 压力/Pressure 6-8bar 水泵/ Water pump 1xCR3 1xCR5
重量/ Weight 12000kg/Appr. 12000 钎尾润滑装置
Device of shank lubrication
电子脉冲润滑泵 Electronic pulse lubrication pump 功率/ Power 1.5kW 5.5kW
行驶速度(水平)Tramming speed on flat ground 10km/h
Air consumption of lubrication
0.3m³/min 水泵排量
Capacity of water pump
3m3/h 6m3/h
Maximum climbing capacity
底盘/ Chassis
安全防护/ Safety protection 柴油机
Diesel engine
轮胎/Tires 11.00-20
噪音水平/ Noise level <100dB(A) 尾气净化
Exhaust purification
尾气催化器/Exhaust catalyst 转向机构        Steering mechanism ±40°铰接转向    Articulated steering: ±40°
Lifting safety roof
Meet the requirements of FOPS and ROPS
Drive system
track travelling driven by double-speed motor
Parking braking
Wet multidisc brake of reducer
    摆动角        Swing angle 后桥摆动±10°
Swing of rear axle: ±10°
Travelling braking
Two-circuit hydraulic brake
        燃油箱Fuel tank 30L
钻进系统/ Drilling system 电动液压泵站/ Electric hydraulic power unit
凿岩机/Rock drill 1×HC50/R38 1×HC109/R38 1×HC95LM/R38 电动机/Motor 45kW              55kW 75kW
冲击功率/Impact power 13kW 18.8kW 21kW 冲击/推进/钻臂/Impact /Feed/ Positioning 轴向变量柱塞泵
Axial variable displacement piston pump
冲击流量 /Impact flow 105L/min 135L/min 100-120L/min 回转/Rotation 齿轮泵/Gear pump
冲击压力/Impact pressure 130bar 135bar 180bar 过滤精度/Filter fineness 10µ
最大回转压力Maximum rotary pressure 150bar 150bar 210bar 液压油箱/Hydraulic oil tank 240L
频率/Impact Frequency 62Hz 47Hz 62 Hz 液压冷却器/Hydraulic cooler 水冷却器/Water cooler
扭矩/Torque 325Nm 780Nm 764Nm 工作电压/Working voltage 380V
孔径/Hole diameter Φ32-76mm Φ42-102mm Φ42-102mm 频率/Frequency 50Hz
推进梁翻转/Beam rotation 360° 启动方式/Starting method -三角/Star-triangle
推进梁补偿行程/Feed extension 1600mm 电缆卷盘/Cable reel 1*F440
钻臂型号/Model of drill boom K 26F 卷盘容缆量/Length of reel cabling 100m 80m
钻臂形式/Form of drill boom 自动持平/Self-leveling 电缆外径/Outer diameter of cable Φ28mm Φ32mm
钻臂伸缩/Boom extension
1200mm 电缆规格/Cable specifications 3×35+3G6 3×50+3G6
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